New Mums, at Ideal Physiotherapy we understand that it is difficult enough finding time to exercise when you are busy taking care of your new baby. To make it a little easier to return to exercise, Ideal Physiotherapy offers Mum’s & Bub’s Clinical Pilates classes. These classes are open to both Pre and Post Natal clients, with one stipulation – no one minds if baby needs a feed, a change or a little cry during the class.

Why Mum’s and Bub’s Pilates Classes?
Many new mums have weakness in either abdominals (core) or pelvic floor which can create instability in the pelvis over time. This can lead to back & shoulder pain, bladder & bowel weakness and even knee pain. 

To avoid any long term childbirth complications, an adequate abdominal separation check, pelvic and back assessment (to address any other weak muscles) & a postural assessment are imperative in your post-natal recovery. You can join other new Mums in the area for our Mum’s and Bub’s Clinical Pilates classes at our Grantham Street studio in Brunswick. Here you will get an individualised program to address any muscle weakness. Your exercises are modified week by week and you will also get a home program to do to speed up your abdominal and pelvic strength. 


Want to attend classes without your baby? You can! Join our regular Clinical Pilates classes were you will get your own Post-Natal Clinical Pilates program. 

Don’t forget your classes are run by a physiotherapist so health rebates apply! 

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