Myotherapy is a branch of manual medicine with a focus on the assessment, treatment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions. Myotherapists are trained in the location and treatment of ‘trigger points’ (or knots), which are irritable points within muscle tissue. When these points are active they can be painful, restrict range of movement, and refer pain to other areas of the body. Trigger points can arise when a muscle has been over worked or injured. Our Myotherapist will take you through a consultation which includes a postural evaluation and various muscle, joint and neurological testing and will discuss with you the best way to treat your condition. Following the treatment, an ongoing management plan will be explained detailing an individualized rehabilitation program of stretches and exercises. This allows you to be involved and maximises the success of your treatments.

Some of the modalities used during a treatment include:
Trigger point therapy and soft tissue manipulation
-Joint mobilisation
-Dry needling
-Thermal therapies
-Chinese cupping
-Corrective and rehabilitative exercises
-Core awareness and strengthening

Myotherapists at Ideal Physiotherapy Brunswick, use a variety of modalities to alleviate both acute and chronic conditions, and aim to improve the quality of your life. Musculoskeletal dysfunction can arise from trauma, ageing, postural imbalances, muscle overload, occupational habits, sporting and recreational activities.


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