Did you know that 4.8 million Australians have bladder or bowel control issues, and most people think that this is normal especially as we age or following the birth of a child. Though incontinence is something that you shouldn’t live with, it’s a condition that can be treated and managed. In many cases it can also be cured. Ideal Physiotherapy is now a complete specialized Women’s Health clinic ready to address these often-distressing symptoms of incontinence, bladder and bowel dysfunction.

At Ideal Physiotherapy your treatment is tailored and progressed according to your needs. The assessment of the pelvic floor muscle function may involve (with your consent) an internal vaginal or rectal examination.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help with the following conditions:
-leakage of urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise.
-difficulty controlling your bladder on the way to the toilet
-vaginal heaviness, dragging or a bulge (pelvic organ prolapse)
-difficulty emptying your bowel and straining (constipation)
-weak pelvic floor muscles after childbirth 
-you have tried doing pelvic floor exercises but are not sure if you are doing the right way


Physiotherapist and Director of Ideal Physiotherapy Dijana Veljanovska holds post graduate qualifications in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Incontinence from Melbourne University, and will work with you towards health goals.


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