Many women are under the impression that seeing a physiotherapist during their pregnancy may cause harm to their baby. Rest assume that Physiotherapy is extremely safe, effective and can help with many musculoskeletal conditions during your pregnancy. We aim to ensure the muscles, spine, lower back, pelvis and core are in good working order, so that you are able to carry your baby to full term with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. Many aches and pains during pregnancy are often dismissed as being normal however pain is not normal and should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Our clinic has a specially designed pregnancy table, which has a hole especially for your belly so you can lie down comfortably and be treated. All treatment is hands-on and having Physiotherapy during your pregnancy is very safe and effective.

What can Physiotherapy help me with during my pregnancy
Lower back and coccyx pain
-Pelvic pain (often understood as “pelvic instability)
-Neck pain & associated headaches
-Mid-back/ rib pain often associated with pregnancy
-Pelvic floor education
-Prenatal Clinical pilates
-Safe and effective exercise programs which allow you to maintain fitness, strength and core strength to help in your Post-Natal recovery. 

Your Physiotherapist can also help you with advice on appropriate pregnancy belts and pillows that can help you throughout your pregnancy. If you are unsure of the right treatment for you, feel free to call our clinic directly or fill out the form below and we can steer you in the right direction.

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