Mum’s to be, you may have noticed that pregnancy has made some big changes to your posture, weight and balance. Not to mention your pelvis and pelvic floor. All these changes come on quickly and your body can’t handle this without adequate muscle strength through the pelvic and core. Without adequate muscle strength, you are at risk of developing pelvic girdle pain, back pain or incontinence.

Addressing any muscles weakness during your pregnancy can be easy with Clinical Pilates under the supervision of a physiotherapist at Ideal Physiotherapy, Brunswick West.

Pilates is also great during pregnancy as it pays particular attention to breathing control, which can help decrease stress levels and improve your well being.

Your Pre-Natal Clinical Pilates program at Ideal Physiotherapy is individualised and can be modified from week to week depending on your energy levels and as you transition through each trimester. You get to check in week to week with a physiotherapist who can give you some great advice during your pregnancy and keep your aches and pains under control. Pregnancy is complicated enough without dealing with pelvic pain!

Once your baby is born you will be able to attend Clinical Pilates and bring your baby with you. Our studio offers Mum’s & Bub’s Clinical Pilates.

Don’t forget, Clinical Pilates can be claimed on private health insurance with “extras” cover. 

Before booking into a class, we require you to book in for an assessment and 1-1 session to ensure you get the most out of your program and health goals. You can do this by calling our clinic directly or you can book online here.





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