Winter Wonderland 30 class pass valid for 90 day. Only $525 includes a Physiotherapy consultation with Ally or Molly. That’s only $175 a month, best offer yet!

Our fully renovated Reformer Pilates studio is equipped with 10 brand new Allegro 2 Reformer beds. Located on level 1 of our health and wellness studio in Brunswick it is the perfect location to kick-start the new you! We offer convenient online bookings so you can manage your own schedule, day or night and at your convenience. If you are looking for an exercise program to help you improve your posture, gain a stronger core and help you engage muscles you’ve long forgotten about, try Pilates!


What is Reformer Pilates?
Reformer Pilates a full body strengthening program which takes your body through a smooth flowing and controlled series of exercises that target the whole body, “core”, posture, flexibility and much more! 


Reformer Pilates at Ideal Physiotherapy
Using traditional and contemporary Pilates based exercises, which are performed on a Reformer our instructors will take you through a guided 50-minute class. No matter if you are a beginner or have done Pilates before the work out can be adjusted to suit your level of fitness. The Reformer machine offers an innovative system of springs, which can accommodate for the many different levels of fitness in each class. Our classes run with inspiring music for workouts that vary from week to week. No two classes will ever be the same so you will never get bored. Our expert instructors will tailor a fun and effective full body and core work out. You will move through gravity from lying down, to seated and kneeling positions and then to standing. The exercises are tailored to help your body rebuild from the inside out, and Pilates is the program that can do this! Don’t be fooled, those planks and crunches that trainers have given you in the past will never be compared to Pilates! So what are you waiting for, join us today.

Please note: Reformer Pilates is only suitable if you have no current injuries or back pain. It is not suitable for pregnant women (Stay tuned!). 


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